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Five function electric hospital bed




Function Introduction :

1. Back   up function can reduce pressure on the patient’s back and stretch spine .

With the help of back up function , patients can sit   up and complete daily activities , such as eating , reading , watching TV ..

2. Leg   up function

The leg up function can promote blood circulation in   the legs , prevent muscle atrophy and limb numbness , accelerating patient   recovery .

With the help of leg up function , medical staff don’t   need to bend down to work , reducing labor intensity .

3.Back up and leg up together

The function can change patient’s posture , reduce   the pressure on the waist and joints , and prevent bedsores .

4 Entire Bed up and down function  

When patient need to get on or get off the bed , the   bed can be raised to an suitable height ,allowing the patient to easily get   on or get off the bed , reducing the pressure on the waist and legs .

When patients need to rest , lower the bed to the   lowest height this reduces   the risk of patients falling from bed and getting injured .

Medical staff can also adjust the   height of the bed according to their own height , without having to bend down   to work , reducing the workload .

5.Trendelengburg and Revers   Trendelenburg ( Hypsokinesis and Forerake  )

Trendelengburg position ( i.e. head low and feet   high ) is designed to facilitate exposure of pelvic organs during abdominal   and laparoscopic surgeries .

Revers trendelenburg position ( i.e. head high and   feet low ) is designed to facilitate the operation of upper abdominal organs   during abdominal and laparoscopic surgeries .


 Five function electric hospital bed

Outer Size : 2120mm x 960mm x 400mm-700mm  

Mattress platform :2000mm x 940mm

Loading weight :240kg


Bed frame : the bed frame is made   of high quality cold rolled steel .

The surface of bed body adopts   dual coating technology ,which is treated with deoiling , rust removal , and   silane coating before electrostatic spraying .

After treatment, the surface of   the bed is more beautiful, corrosion resistant, and wear resistant

Components   of the Bed :



Bed   board :

Steel   punched plate


Steel   punched slat


Head/foot   board

ABS   head /foot board


Complex   head/foot board



Side   rail

ABS   side rail



Center   control caster


Two   side mute caster


Normally,   our bed is equipped with an infusion stand.

If   you need mattress or dining table , please inform of us , we can supply these   products with you .